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Different types of Hookah Accessories 


Smoking a hookah involves the use of many accessories which make the hookah experience complete. Hookah Bowls are an important hookah accessory, which come in ceramic, clay or glass. You also have multi-bowls where you can fill different flavours in each bowl for an enhanced hookah experience.


Another popular option is the Vortex Bowl, which helps preserve the hookah flavour. In a covered bowl, the charcoal sits right inside the flip top cover. This prevents the charcoal from falling if the bowl happens to be knocked over. Another interesting accessory is the Hookah Flip, which has the bowl hanging upside down above the charcoal. This allows a lot more heat control as you can adjust the tray that holds the charcoal.


Hose Adaptor is another accessory that is a key element of a hookah, which comes with a ball bearing inside and automatically plugs itself into the tube you are smoking. If you’re having a lot of people over for the hookah session, you can use disposable hose tips for keeping the proceedings sanitary, as they clip right in the mouth of the hose.


When it comes to Tongs for picking up your charcoal, you can choose the basic ones or the ones with a serrated edge over the paddles, which use can use to remove the ashes from your burning charcoal and keeps it burning for a longer time. Pre-cut circular sheets of aluminum foils or stand alone aluminum sheets are an important hookah accessory. Aluminum sheets are preferred as you can use them over and over again, unlike aluminum foils. For poking the holes in your foils, you can use the poker at the back of your tong.


For lighting up the charcoal, you can use a Torch Lighter which has a powerful flame and lights up the charcoal real fast. A Sigree is a hookah accessory used to light the charcoal. Ceramic Heater Coils, or ceramic heating plates, are also used for heating up the charcoal the same way.


There are a variety of options as far as Hoses are concerned. You can choose a standard leather hose which is pretty flexible, lasts quite a while and comes in different shapes and sizes. A plastic hose is another option, which is transparent and easier to clean.