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Different types of Hookah flavours


Hookah flavours can be broadly classified into two categories – Tobacco based and Herbal based. Herbal flavours contain 0% nicotine, 0% tar and 0% tobacco but give a same feeling of smoking a tobacco based flavour.


Hookah flavours are available in different types and are based on popular fruits, flowers, spices, aerated drinks, berries, and local flavours. A combination of 2 flavours creates a third flavour and adds to the excitement of the hookah session.


The popular fruits that form the base of hookah flavours are apple, banana, guava, kiwi fruit, litchee, mango, grape, orange, peach, water melon and apricot. Smoking these flavours gives the hookah lover a real taste of these fruits.


Apart from a fruit base, hookah flavours also come in innovative flavours like aniseed, black liquorice, Bombay pan masala, bubble gum, cola, crush ice, ginger, and mint. Hookah flavours which are a fusion of two flavours, like choco-fusion, choco-mint, mixed fruit, pan apple and silver fox (fresh apples dipped in sweet honey). Classic flavours like spearmint and mintos are also a big draw with young hookah enthusiasts.