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Different types of Hookah


There are a variety of hookahs which cater to millions of hookah lovers worldwide. Hookahs can be broadly classified into three types: Turkish, Lebanese and Egyptian. Turks consider themselves as the masters of designing hookahs and take immense pride in their innovative approach towards crafting this object of art. Also called the “nargile” or Turkish water pipe, the Turkish hookah spans the entire spectrum from elegant artistic designs to large luxurious pieces which look impressive in a large room. Largely designed for group hookah sessions, Turkish hookahs are elaborate and also feature multiple hoses.


The highlight of Lebanese hookahs is that they are mostly hand crafted and look more like beautiful ornamental pieces. They are characterized by heavy use of metallic and golden work, and the more elegant ones are also encrusted with shiny stone pieces. Multi-coloured inlays and breathtaking designs make these hookahs extremely popular with hookah lovers.


For a truly authentic hookah experience, you must try the traditional Egyptian hookahs. The average height of Egyptian hookahs is three feet and they are quite big in dimension. However, they offer a sublime smoking experience. It must be noted that, given their large size, these hookahs are not exactly portable and should ideally be kept in a fixed position and matched with your room’s decor.