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Hookah Cleaning & Maintenance Tips


You sure love your hookah and your social hookah sessions; then it’s important that you maintain your hookah regularly for ensuring that you do not miss out on a single hookah evening and the hookah stays around for a long time. So here we go with the basic hookah cleaning and maintenance tips.


Every time you use your hookah, you must separate the parts and rinse them all so that they are dry. If you leave water inside the hookah, it will corrode the stem, especially if it’s a non-stainless steel stem. Usually, all hookah bases are made of glass. To clean the base, pour some warm water along with a dish washing liquid and swirl it around to get some bubbling action going. Pour out the liquid and rinse the base thoroughly to ensure that it is completely dry. Another thing you need to have is a regular brush. This helps to clean the hard to read edges of the hookah base.


We now come to the cleaning bit of the hookah hose. Plastic hoses are relatively easy to clean and you can actually see when they are dirty. Stay away from using soap water as it can get trapped in the fiber and also affect your smoke.