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Hookah Smoking Tips & Tricks


To fully enjoy your hookah smoking experience, you need to know some time-tested tips and tricks. Follow these awesome ones and take your hookah moment to a fascinating level.


  • When you have filled your vase with water, fill the remaining space with milk. This will release a thicker smoke and enhance your hookah experience.
  • Before using your hookah tobacco, crush it properly. This will allow more air flow in the tobacco and give you a better smoking experience.
  • Before you place the coals on the top of the bowl, ensure that they are burning evenly.
  • For a cooler and pleasant smelling smoke, mix chilled rose syrup in the water.
  • Having trouble with blowing the famous smoke rings? No problem! After inhaling, just pretend as if you are coughing with your mouth wide open. This motion will release a perfect smoke ring!
  • For experiencing a cool lighting effect, place one glow stick in the vase of the hookah.
  • Store your flavoured tobacco in an airtight container at room temperature. Do not keep this container in the refrigerator, as it will spoil the tobacco taste.
  • To ensure that the hookah chamber is free from stale smoke, after every smoke, blow into the hose.
  • For enjoying a chilled smoke, keep the glass base in the freezer till a thin layer of ice forms on the top of the water.