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How to Setup Your Hookah

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how to setup hookah

We love to smoke hookah at parties and hookah bars. When we see people enjoying it as they have fun, it often crosses our mind to own a hookah, which can be used to entertain guests when you have them over. With hookahs available online now you can easily get them home delivered. But unless you know how to set up your hookah, there is no point in getting one. You would definitely get better with practice once you start handling the shisha on your own. However, to get you started, here are the steps on how to set up your hookah.


Follow these steps to set up your hookah at home:

1. Star with Cleaning

Clean the hookah to keep it sparkling for a longer time. Dismantle all accessories and wash them one by one. Use a long brush or a bottle cleaner to get into the difficult parts. Air dry all the pieces.


2. Pour Cold Water into base

Till the water reaches about one inch of the metal stem, keep pouring it in the base. Smaller hookahs would have lesser space. This is mainly done because when a previously used hookah is cooled, it presents a much more pleasing taste when consumed the next time. One can even add ice to the water used to cool the hookah.


3. Make it air tight

Attach the hose to the shaft, to make sure that it is air tight. You can assure that your hookah is air tight, by placing your hand on the top portion of the hookah covering the hole and sucking in from the hose.


4. Fill the tobacco

Fill the bowl to the top and tap the top layer flat.


5. Place the bowl

Once the bowl is put in place, put the charcoal screen or aluminum foil on to the top of the bowl covering the tobacco. Once wrapped around tightly, poke little holes in it using a toothpick.


6. Light it up

Light up two pieces of screen or the aluminum foil and take a few small puffs to get the tobacco burning. As the smoke starts to build up in the base of the hookah and flows easily through the hose, you will know that it is burning properly.


If you have followed all the above steps properly, the hookah is now ready to smoke. Enjoy your hookah!



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