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Online Buying Tips


The right way to shop online actually begins offline; i.e. you have to be sure of what you exactly want to buy. If you have identified “lowest price” as the search criteria, then you must search for a combination of this phrase combined with your product category. If you have a particular brand in mind, then you should include that brand in your online search.


Let’s say you are looking for a “printed shirt”; type this phrase in the search engine’s search bar and wait for the search results. You should then decide which search result link matches exactly with the search phrase, and click on it. When all the printed shirts available on the site are displayed, you must then look for those prints which look more appealing to you. Of course, you simultaneously need to keep an eye on the price as well, as you certainly have a budget beyond which you cannot go.


When you have narrowed down on the printed shirt whose design appeals to you and is also within your budget, you must check out the feedback or review section. Keep your eyes focused on the negative reviews, both about the shirt as well as about the site.


Once you have decided to proceed with your purchase, you should proceed to the checkout page, enter your personal and credit card details, and logout out after you get a confirmation that the transaction is processed.


A word of caution here – if an unknown website offers you the shirt at a ridiculously low price, do not buy it. It is better to spend a little more and buy the same from a reputed shopping site.