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  • “A good deodorant makes your day.”
  • “When you smell of deodorant, you smell of success.”
  • “Every time someone smells your deodorant, angels shower their blessings on them.
  • “Me and my deodorant are inseparable.”
  • “Deodorant is your aroma shield against the bad odour of life.”
  • “Carry your deodorant to work and play, like you carry your dreams.”
  • “Smelling good is an art; perfect it with a deodorant.”
  • “I will share my money with friends, but never my deodorant.”
  • “All intelligent girls wear a deodorant. As do all intelligent boys.”
  • “Confidence is your birthright. A good deodorant makes it possible.”
  • “A lady’s handbag in incomplete without her deodorant.”
  • “When you carry the fragrance of deodorant along with you, you carry life along.”
  • “Use your expensive deodorant sparingly, but use it!”
  • “Nature itself celebrates life, when you spread the sweet fragrance of your deodorant.”
  • “Wear your deodorant as you would wear your dream.”