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Online Hookah Store to Shop for best Hookah Accessories Online

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Hookah lovers would know how difficult it is to find the right accessories for your hookah. One is often faced with the mental doldrums of buying a new hookah due to a lost or a broken accessory.  Finding the right accessories, matching your hookah is very important to ensure smooth functioning. Now one can get hookah accessories online in India.


Changing the hookah parts every once in a while for maintenance helps them from getting spoilt and hence ensures that you use the best quality for vaping. If you really love making your hookah at home, accessories will definitely interest you.  In order to buy accessories as and when required and not take wrong decisions like getting a new hookah if one of the accessories are broken, one should know about all the available accessories well in advance.


There are various hookah accessories like Hoses, Tongs, Steel plates, Jar rubber, Cobra Filter Pipe and Charcolite available at The Arabian Nights. Moreover, our online hookah store sells these at the most competitive prices. Let’s take a look at some of our accessories.


The Blender Hose Pipe

This hose being an important one, also acts as a decorative accessory. It needs to be changed as the particles from the charcoal stick inside it after a certain period of time. While one end of the hose is used for smoking, which comes attached to a mouthpiece, the other remains attached to the hookah. The Pipe Jovano from Arabian Nights is made to suit your needs. We have many hose pipes like Venezer Hose Pipe, Magique Hose Pipe, Fur Hose Pipe, Velvet Hose Pipe and the Bello Hose Pipe.

Hose Pipe

The Crocodile Tong

These are necessary to pick up coal from the tray or plate. Handle the hot coals with this pair of Tongs from Arabian Nights.

Hookah Accessories - Crocodile tong

The Metallic Steel Plates

This metallic plate gathers the coal ash and also holds the coal together, giving you a smooth hookah vaping experience.

Metallic Steel plates

Hookah Carrying Case

This is useful to carry your hookah from one place to another in case you need to. Our hookah carrying case is sturdy and good enough to hold bigger hookahs too as we sell them in different sizes.

Hookah Carrying Case

Cobra Filter Pipe

To ensure hygiene as you puff away with your pals, a Cobra Filter Pipe can be used. It is a mouth-piece to be used with the hose.

Cobra Filter Pipe

Choose one from the above or many more available at The Arabian Nights.



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