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  • Hookah ignites interesting conversations.
  • When you smoke a hookah, you enter a surreal dimension.
  • “Give me my Hookah and my best friends, and leave us alone.”
  • Soothing to the soul and soothing to the spirit; Hookah truly gives you a sweet kick.
  • Every Hookah pull creates stories that are worth living.
  • Escape to the world of Hookah and see the angels dancing on their toes.
  • Ideologies divide – Hookah unites.
  • When a Hookah smoke ring is released in the air, it diffuses a scintillating aura.
  • I keep my Hookah as clean as my body.
  • Take my possessions but leave my Hookah.
  • My Hookah is always ready to sit with me and share my feelings.
  • I count my Hookah as a close friend who gives great company.
  • I know of nothing else that can beat a relaxing Hookah session after a hard day’s work.
  • Friends come and go in life; your Hookah stays on forever.
  • First you light up the Hookah; then the Hookah lights you up.