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Safety & Security – Online Shopping


While the internet has become the primary source of gathering all information, it has also grown into a significant shopping platform. With hundreds of shopping sites jostling for a share of your wallet, making the online buying decision is getting tougher by the day.


Given the fact that cyberspace is also home to fraudsters and crooks who are out to steal your money using continuously updated scamming techniques, it is important that you follow certain basic rules before shopping online.


  • Ensure that your computer has a firewall enabled. This will keep unwanted visitors from unscrupulous shopping sites out of your system.
  • Expired anti-virus software is a sure invitation to viruses and malware. Keep your anti-virus software updated and install regular updates. Even if you happen to visit a fake shopping site, you will be protected from a possible cyber attack.
  • If any banner on a shopping website asks you to download any program for enjoying a better shopping experience, do not give in to the temptation. In all probability, is a virus programmed to take over your machine.
  • Check the reviews of the products that you have chosen. See if the seller’s physical address and landline number are mentioned. Make a call and check the validity of the number.
  • Check for the “padlock” symbol in the browser frame. This indicates that any data you share with the shopping site cannot be hacked by a third party. Remember, the “padlock” HAS to be in the browser bar! If it appears anywhere else, log out of the site immediately.
  • Opting for COD, or Cash On delivery, is the best way of keeping your credit or debit card information to yourself.